McGill principal on how PQ minority government might affect university

September 26, 2012

At the first session of McGill University's senate for the 2012-13 academic year, principal Heather Munroe-Blum discussed the results of the recent Quebec election and how a Parti Québécois minority government might affect the institution. One of Munroe-Blum's main concerns is the impact the annulled tuition hike would have on McGill. Unless the government had other plans for university funding, the tuition freeze would present McGill with a "significant budgetary challenge," the principal said. "There will be an impact over the next five years of $77 million to the budget of McGill beginning with a $5-million immediate budget deficit over and above our deficit for this coming year." Munroe-Blum spoke about the effect the tuition-hike repeal would have on students. "For the past eight years, 30 per cent of net new tuition increases at McGill go into student support as dedicated student financial support," she said. "A decrease in overall tuition revenue will impact the growth of that envelope." McGill Reporter