McGill report clearing retired asbestos researcher criticized

October 24, 2012

A group of doctors and anti-asbestos activists argues that McGill University's review that cleared a retired professor of misconduct charges in relation to his asbestos research was biased and a "whitewash." Critics say the conclusions reached by McGill's research integrity officer (RIO) were wrong and that he did not take into account all the evidence provided to the institution. McGill should have an independent panel conduct a review, says an official with the Rideau Institute, an Ottawa-based independent research, advocacy, and consulting group. "This has been a public-relations operation, not a credible investigation, and it brings dishonour on McGill," she says. A McGill spokesperson told the Montreal Gazette that the institution would not comment on the issues raised by the doctors. McGill will follow the RIO's recommendation to organize an academic conference to review the current evidence on asbestos and explore safe alternatives. Montreal Gazette