McGill review says asbestos claims require more vetting

April 9, 2012

McGill University's preliminary review of the work of a retired professor has found no evidence of research misconduct, but the institution says it will continue to study the matter, with further guidance from the Research Integrity Officer. A Radio-Canada documentary suggested the professor was improperly influenced by his connections to the asbestos industry, and that some McGill researchers have colluded with the industry to downplay asbestos' health impacts. McGill received a formal complaint by dozens of academics, physicians, and researchers accusing some researchers at the institution of being controlled by the asbestos industry. In a memo to the McGill community last week, the dean of medicine said he was not making a request for an official investigation; however, he acknowledged that "it is my conclusion that the faculty does not currently have all required records and data in hand to assess definitely in regard to research integrity." Montreal Gazette