McGill should lead by mandating COVID-19 vaccinations: Opinion

September 1, 2021
McGill University must live up to its reputation as a world class institution and mandate vaccinations against COVID-19, writes author and former McGill employee Saleema Nawaz. The author points to the vaccine mandates introduced at Harvard University and other universities across Canada and the United States. She explains that McGill faculty members and the McGill Association of University Teachers have requested that McGill require vaccination as a way to protect itself from liability, but that McGill has responded that it is a “medical procedure” that people have a right to refuse. Referencing a recent article in the Lawyer’s Daily, Nawaz argues that McGill can do more and calls on the university to advocate for science-based action rather than “coddling [students] or pandering to their imagined selfishness.” Montreal Gazette | The Lawyer’s Daily (QC)