McGill shuts down website that exposed donor information

March 7, 2012

McGill University has succeeded -- for now -- in shutting down a website that published confidential and personal information about the institution's donors. In a WikiLeaks-type operation, an unidentified individual or group created McGillLeaks on the weekend and exposed confidential Development and Alumni Relations data. The site said its purpose was to provide a clear account of McGill's inner workings, supply accurate information on the institution's relationship with the private sector, and create transparency. Having contacted the police, McGill has initiated a forensic analysis "to determine the source of the violation of our confidential files" and it "will take immediate legal action against those who are responsible." The information leak "was done maliciously and is an assault on the student body," says the Post Graduate Student Society's president. "This exposes people and could make them reluctant to support the university." McGill Statement | Montreal Gazette