McGill student associations call for sexual assault policy

March 28, 2014

Student associations at McGill University have sent an open letter to McGill Principal Suzanne Fortier, Deputy Provost Ollivier Dyens, and Dean of Students André Costopoulos, which calls for the creation of a formal sexual assault policy. The 8 McGill student associations who signed the letter say “rape culture and sexual assault on our campus warrant a stronger response.” In November, McGill announced that it would adopt several measures to address and prevent sexual assault, including hiring a full-time coordinator to expand programming and initiatives in collaboration with its student-run Sexual Assault Centre, holding a public forum in January on the issue of consent in sexual matters, and creating an annual “Dean of Students Forum on Safe Space” each fall to sensitize new students. “The signing parties are displeased with the McGill administration proceeding with the hiring of the coordinator position without adequate consultation of the student body,” says the letter. It goes on to recommend hiring a “sexual assault response coordinator” whose priority would be dealing with sexual assault, but whose position may also include harm reduction. Montreal Gazette | Open Letter