McGill students create note-sharing site

February 6, 2012

A pair of McGill University PhD students has developed a made-in-Quebec website they hope will be the go-to source for material from missed classes from Montreal's 4 universities. has allowed students to buy or sell class notes online in English since September, but next month the site is set to offer student-submitted course notes in both English and French. The company hopes to make a profit by charging a 15% to 20% commission on notes that students sell through the website. In return, students can remain anonymous by posting under a pseudonym while making money off old or current notes. Concordia University's associate dean of student academic services says the institution has no rule against sharing notes or posting them online, but she says students must tread carefully to avoid copyright infringement. McGill University's academic integrity committee is telling students to make sure they are posting their own notes and not their professors'. Montreal Gazette | NoteSac