McGill students protest institution's insistence on club name changes

January 3, 2012

Rules about usage of the McGill name in campus clubs have always existed, but now they are being more stridently enforced and McGill University students are feeling slighted by the institution's contention that they might be an impediment when it comes to branding, reports the Montreal Gazette. It's a question of clarity, says McGill's deputy provost of student life and learning. The university is just asking student clubs to specify that they are students so there is no ambiguity. The president of the Students Society of McGill University says students can understand the institution wanting to control its brand, but McGill is not going about it the right way. "Requiring 130 groups to change their names is not making anything 'easier,' but rather requires that they devote time and resources to changing their websites, T-shirts, banners and email addresses instead of focusing on each group's mandate to enhance student life." Montreal Gazette