McGill, Ubisoft partner to create curriculum guide, time-travelling experience

November 24, 2021
McGill University and video game company Ubisoft have partnered to create a curriculum-guide website and a game that allows users to take an immersive trip through the Anglo-Saxon period and Viking age. The recently released DiscoveryTour: Viking Age –the third entry in a series – was developed with support from McGill Education associate professor Adam Dube, whose research revolves around educational games. Dube and his graduate students also created a free online guide that provides ideas and suggestions for teachers who want to use games in the classroom. “These types of experiences give us a sense of immersion in the world,” said Dube. “There tends to be less play-based learning, as we move up in the grades. We get all serious and we abandon useful tools to some extent in the name of preparing people for that really hard work.” CTV News (QC)