McGill unveils new homepage

March 15, 2012

McGill University has redesigned and reorganized its homepage to help visitors to its website find what they are looking for more easily. The homepage is now organized into 3 distinct sections by user type, defaulting to an external page meant for the general public. Users can then choose to remain on that version of the page, or click on the "Students" or "Staff/Faculty" button and be directed to a homepage similar to the main external edition, but with content that matters most to them. In response to survey respondents' indication that they had a hard time finding certain tools on the website, the revised homepage now includes "Popular Pages" and "Popular Tools" tabs. The redesign was a joint effort between McGill's Communication Services and the Content and Collaboration Solutions unit. The latter unit's job was to refine the design so it looked attractive and functioned properly across platforms, browsers, and various mobile devices. McGill homepage | McGill Reporter