McMaster launches Optimal Aging Portal to provide high quality health information

October 3, 2014

McMaster University has launched the Optimal Aging Portal, a new website that will help Canadian seniors access quality health and medical information. Described as the “Rotten Tomatoes” of health advice—a reference to a popular movie rating website—the portal will offer evidence summaries, blog posts, and web resource ratings in order to help users sift through the enormous volume of health information that is available online. “What sets the Optimal Aging Portal apart from the crowd is its emphasis on providing only the best evidence, and telling you why it’s considered the best,” said professor Anthony Levinson. “The portal filters out the noise and makes it easy to understand how scientific evidence and other types of information can help you.” McMaster Chancellor Suzanne Labarge, who in 2012 contributed $10 M to help fund the Labarge Optimal Aging Initiative, added, “there is so much misleading information around and, frankly, a lot of people are selling snake oil … We decided having a trusted source would be really important as part of the Initiative.” McMaster News | Optimal Aging Portal