McMaster, Niagara, Lethbridge announce positive COVID-19 cases

November 4, 2020
Individuals associated with McMaster University, Niagara College, and Lethbridge College have tested positive for COVID-19. Niagara states that one member of its community, who was last on campus on October 24th, tested positive. Niagara stated that it has assisted Niagara Region Public Health in contact tracing for the case. An individual from an external company who was on McMaster’s campus on October 26th tested positive for COVID-19. McMaster states that the building the individual was in has been thoroughly cleaned. CBC reports that Lethbridge has experienced a COVID-19 outbreak of seven cases within a powerline technician program cohort. An advisory from Alberta Health Services says risk is minimal due to the isolated nature of the cohort and that any close contacts have been contacted. CBC | Niagara | CBC (ON | AB)