Mechanical, human error led to death of trout at VIU research facility

January 10, 2020

An incident that led to the death of 377 trout being used for teaching and research has led to the temporary decommission of Vancouver Island University's fisheries facility. A statement from VIU states that a series of errors—both mechanical and human—on December 5th led to the deaths of the fish. VIU has since moved approximately 1,500 trout from VIU's Nanaimo campus to Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Pacific Biological Station where the fish will be cared for while VIU assesses the kinds of the investments that need to be made to their current facility. "VIU is taking this incident very seriously and is working in cooperation and close consultation with the CCAC to determine the path forward," concludes a statement from the university. VIU (BC)