Med students need a “dose of realism,” says QC minister

April 29, 2016

Quebec’s medical students might lack “a dose of realism” when it comes to the financial realities of the health care system, according to an address given by QC Health Minister Gaétan Barrette at a recent students’ round table. Students had sent Barrette a “wish list” prior to the event that reportedly included a request for electronic medical records, more full-time health care positions, and reinstatement of the province’s health watchdog. Barette said many of the requests were not financially realistic, although he stressed that he and the students were “all in agreement” about the values of the system. McGill University medical student David Benrimoh, however, said that the roundtable succeeded in proving that “contrary to what the minister told us at McGill at the beginning of the year—that public consultation [on health care policy] can be done … effectively in six months, and by students, no less.” Montreal Gazette