Mediation between UBC, former student on handling of sex assault reports ends unsuccessfully

October 26, 2016

Mediation talks between the University of British Columbia and a former student who filed a human rights complaint over the school’s handling of sexual assault reports have ended unsuccessfully, reports the National Post. UBC’s Associate Vice-President of Equity and Inclusion Sara-Jane Finlay says the university participated in a mediation meeting on Monday, but cannot comment on what took place due to ongoing legal proceedings. The student, Glynnis Kirchmeier, has said that she will proceed with her case to the BC Human Rights Tribunal, alleging that UBC did not act on numerous complaints about a male PhD student over long periods of time, resulting in more students becoming victims of sexual violence. “It’s been a year since they promised to do better and I don’t see them incorporating that promise in a way that makes me think that it’s safe to drop the complaint,” says Kirchmeier, who has developed 44 recommendations for how the university could better respond to complaints of sexual misconduct. National Post | Globe and Mail