Medical school at USask ends pregnancy centre placement option

July 26, 2021
Students at the University of Saskatchewan’s college of medicine will no longer see the Saskatoon Pregnancy Options Centre (SPOC) on the list of second-year “Medicine in Society” placement options. CBC reports that though SPOC has been on the list for ten years, students raised issues with its appropriateness last year, as the centre does not have trained medical professionals, includes discredited information on its website, and encourages clients to “choose the gift of life.” USask previously stated that SPOC was a “suitable” placement option, but after backlash on social media Dr Meredith McKague said that the college will complete an “in-depth review.” Preston Smith, dean of the college of medicine, has said that USask will review its partnerships for the placements regularly to “to ensure our students are able to achieve their learning objectives.” CBC (Reversal) | Global News | CBC (Backlash) (SK)