Merit-based awards often go to “better-off” students

February 18, 2014

Research on merit-based awards like the Loran Scholarship suggests they often go to better-off children with wealthier parents, reports the Globe and Mail. Children from higher-income families are 10% more likely to win a merit-based scholarship than students from low-income families, according to a 10,000-student survey recently conducted in Ontario. “The evidence is consistent that needs-based scholarships are far more effective than merit scholarships,” says Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers James Turk. Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) Executive Director Franca Gucciardi says the selection process for the Loran Scholarships, which the CMSF administers, looks at more than grades, though there is a minimum average of 85%. Volunteers review the backgrounds of the students and select winners based on the context of their income background, Gucciardi explains. Globe and Mail