Millennials value empathy and good citizenship, not self-interest

August 19, 2014

A report in the New York Times outlines findings from various sources about the habits and attitudes of millennials. According to the article, millennials, whose perspective is framed by the 2008 economic crash, are less interested in high salaries than they are in interesting, fulfilling work. Further, millennials are generally willing to embrace risk, pursuing their own ventures rather than seeking the security of a corporate job. They are less likely to be interested in prestige brands than they are the corporate social responsibility efforts of a company, and embrace “the values of good citizenship.” The article refutes the stereotype of millennials as being narcissistic, suggesting that instead their highest values are empathy and open-mindedness. They tend to be optimistic, but nevertheless are conscious that failure is a very real possibility. “I know that as hard as I work—and I work very hard—I very well may fail. And it’s liberating to know that,” said one individual interviewed for the piece.  New York Times