Millions for PSE infrastructure in NL budget

March 29, 2010

The Newfoundland and Labrador government's 2010-11 budget, announced yesterday, includes significant investments in infrastructure at Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic. The province is committing $17.3 million for construction and upgrades at 3 of CNA's campuses, and $13 million for the construction of a new academic building at MUN's Corner Brook campus. The government will allocate $18 million for a new 500-bed residence at MUN's St. John's campus and a 200-bed dorm in Corner Brook, and $7.5 million to continue upgrading existing residences. The university will also receive an additional $3.2 million for its deferred maintenance plan and lab upgrades. Other investments in MUN include $2 million to increase the autonomy of the Corner Brook campus, $2 million in the School of Graduate Studies for fellowships, and $800,000 to support national and global marketing. The province will allocate $5 million for MUN and $1 million for CNA to extend the tuition freeze for 2010. NL Budget Highlights