Minerva Project’s alternative to the Ivy League takes shape

April 25, 2014

Online education startup the Minerva Project will welcome its first students in September, and it is starting to become clear what kind of an experience they can expect. Minerva founder Ben Nelson, who describes his venture as a “perfect university,” claims that his venture will mold “the people who will create or invent or run the major institutions of society.” The school eschews the stereotypical trappings of college, such as lectures, in favour of seminars delivered via software Nelson designed; professors will be monitored to dissuade them from speaking for too long. Time, he says, is too valuable for lectures, which he claims too often feature content that is available for free online or in books. The Minerva Project obtained its accreditation via a partnership with the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, and has been funded by venture capital. Minerva’s first cohort will consist of 2 sections of 15–19 students each. Students will study in a different city for each year of their 4-year degrees. xConomy