MIT researchers creating “YouTube for MOOCs”

August 15, 2014

Juho Kim, a PhD candidate in the User Interface Design Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is working on a project called LectureScape. Kim describes LectureScape as “an enhanced video player for educational content online, powered by data on learners’ video watching behavior.” The platform collects data on users’ consumption patterns, identifying which parts of videos are most often rewatched, skimmed, searched, or reviewed, and can also create interactive transcripts, word clouds, and summaries of content. Kim says that the platform is designed to use signals derived from viewers’ habits to help learners feel more connected to the content. LectureScape uses collected data, but is also based on research into human-computer interaction. Kim and his development team hope that the platform can help instructors improve video content for massive open online courses (MOOCs) as well as enhance the way in which the videos are presented to students. He believes that the platform could lead to more personalized video content. Kim emphasizes that LectureScape is free, and that he intends that it will stay that way. Forbes