More counsellors needed to deal with mental health issues on campus

October 3, 2014

Recent campaigns designed to address student mental health on campus, such as the one launched last month by the Canadian Federation of Students - Nova Scotia,  are valuable; but, according to Maclean’s writer Josh Dehaas, it is important to recognize that regular life stressors, including debt, are not the same as mental illness. York University psychologist Gordon Flett points out that financial stress can trigger mental illness, but only in those individuals who are already susceptible. “Mental illness can be exacerbated by all kinds of things—$30,000 student loans included—but that doesn’t make it a cause,” adds Dehaas. Learning coping methods to deal with the added stress that PSE can bring is imperative to helping students dealing with mental illness. And, as Dehaas states, there are “not enough counsellors teaching students how to cope.” Maclean’s