Mount Royal to offer students at nearby high school university-level classes

April 18, 2012

On Tuesday, officials with Mount Royal University and the Calgary Catholic School District signed an agreement that could see Grade 12 students at Bishop Carroll High School, located across the street from the university, taking introductory arts, sciences, or business courses before they graduate from high school. The hope is that students who qualify, or complete Grade 12 courses early, can better transition into university life and get an idea of what their strengths and interests are at the PSE level. Mount Royal's provost says the agreement will also address some of the PSE accessibility issues that students face. "We get four applications for every one seat we can offer," the provost says. "We are facing limited government funding, budget challenges, limited enrolment. Our demand is greater than the available number of seats. But this is a way of offering what you can to students in perhaps other locations. It’s a win-win, especially for the students." Mount Royal News Release | Calgary Herald