MoveU initiative at Sheridan and uToronto promotes student wellness

September 4, 2014

The University of Toronto and Sheridan College have implemented a program designed to help students realize the physical and mental health benefits of exercise. The MoveU program is a peer health initiative that urges students to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. “The whole thrust of MoveU is to create a culture that says physical activity needs to be a core piece of your school experience because you’ll like it better and it can help you,” said uToronto Director of Physical Activity and Equity Michelle Brownrigg. Program organizers hope especially to reach students who are intimidated by campus gyms or who feel they don’t have time for exercise. “We’ve adapted to their needs and bring physical activities to their spaces,” said program leader Ayana Webb. The pilot program is already spreading: this year the program will be offered at Sheridan and 3 uToronto campuses, and 8 other PSE institutions in Canada and the US have expressed interest in the initiative. Toronto Star