MRU students petition for professor to be fired over comments

September 16, 2020
Global News reports that students at Mount Royal University have set up a petition calling on the university to condemn MRU Assistant Professor Frances Widdowson’s “hateful actions against the BIPOC community” and terminate her. The article states that the students are angry about Widdowson’s comments in a recent interview with the Western Standard, such as that the Black Lives Matter movement had "destroyed MRU." MRU President Tim Rahilly stated that the university is reviewing the concerns. “Within the bounds of Canadian law, people have the basic right to freely express their ideas,” stated MRU President Tim Rahilly. “Equally valid are obligations that all employees have to cultivate an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment free from discrimination, harassment and violence.”  Global News  | MRU  | Western Standard  (AB)