MTA students seek refund for missed classes during strike

March 7, 2014

Mount Allison University students are calling on the university to reimburse them for classes they missed during a 3-week faculty strike in January and February. "We have lost 12 class days that we've paid for, so it seems very fair to ask for money to be returned,” says Student Union President Melissa O'Rourke. MTA VP International and Student Affairs Ron Byrne explains financial decisions await the completion of ongoing binding arbitration between the university and the faculty association, but says that the university will try to make a decision on tuition reimbursement as quickly as possible. Students at the University of New Brunswick were recently reimbursed for class time lost during a faculty strike on that campus that also took place in January. CBC

Update: March 26, 2014

Mount Allison University says it does not intend to give students a tuition rebate for lost class time during a faculty strike in January and February; the university says it will fulfill its mission to provide high quality education and experience to prepare students for the next step in their lives, that tuition fees are not set according to the number of hours in the classroom, but for the course being delivered, and that a refund would only be applicable if a course or term was cancelled. The final decision will be made by the university's board of regents at an upcoming meeting in May; MTA students plan to lobby the board to overturn the university’s decision at that meeting. CBC News