MTCU "3 cubed" report urges PSE savings through online courses, accelerated degrees

February 23, 2012

An Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities policy paper, not yet made public but obtained by Canadian Press, advances a "3x3" framework that will see colleges and universities realize 3% savings in each of 3 years by offering one-third of their courses online, adding a summer term in a trimester system, and launching more accelerated 3-year degrees. (Apparently institutions will need to find the 3% budget reductions, whether they participate in the strategies or not.) The recommendations echo previous plans for an Ontario Online Institute, and the recommendations of the recent Drummond Report to address the province's deficit. CFS and CAUT are surprised that such a major overhaul would be proposed without consulting faculty or students, and reiterate their concerns about the quality of online education. Canadian Press  | Toronto Star