MUN approves new undergraduate tuition fees, students express concern about “closed doors” vote

July 12, 2021
Memorial University’s Board of Regents has approved a new schedule of undergraduate program tuition fees which will be effective in Fall 2022. Under the new schedule, domestic undergraduate tuition will be $600 per course and international undergraduate tuition will be $2K per course. MUN says that the change was necessary due to provincial cuts to university funding, but that its tuition is still the most affordable in Atlantic Canada. However, student union leaders told CBC that MUN’s student observers were asked to leave the meeting before the Board of Regents discussed changes to tuition. “The actual discussion about tuition, and the thing that really matters to these young people, that’s happening behind closed doors,” said Kat McLaughlin, chair for the Canadian Federation of Students. MUN | VOCM | CBC (NL)