MUN Battery Facility looks to spur public engagement

August 1, 2017

“When the Battery Hotel went up for sale, it felt like a golden opportunity for Memorial,” says Rebecca Cohoe, senior communications adviser for public engagement at Memorial University. “We knew it would allow the university to grow and to work more closely with the people of the province and our community.” Cohoe tells the Telegram that MUN’s Battery Facility has made a priority of creating more residence and work space for graduate students, providing these students an opportunity to share their work with the community and to collaborate with other MUN units and local partners. The Telegram reports that when graduate students apply to the Battery Facility for student housing, they are asked whether they have an interest in public engagement. “It’s located in the heart of the city, we thought that it would be an awesome platform to bring Memorial closer to the people of the province,” says Cohoe. Telegram