MUN business dean encourages university to “charge what it’s worth,” reconsider low tuition fees

June 7, 2017

The Dean of Business Administration at Memorial University of Newfoundland says that the school should consider charging what its programs are worth instead of suppressing tuition costs. Wilfred Zerbe remarked during convocation ceremonies last week that students in other parts of Canada are willing to pay much more for the quality of education and programming that MUN can offer. “It would be possible to charge what the market would accept for very good programs with very good supports and charge tuition that reflects that value, and charge that for all of our students,” said Zerbe, who added that the revenues would allow the school to create new subsidies for local students to promote access. “If they [students] find value they'll come. If they don't find value they won't come,” added Zerbe. “We don't need low tuition to attract students to a high quality university.” CBC