MUN to implement mandatory academic integrity courses for all first-year undergrads in 2016

May 6, 2016

Students at Memorial University will need to complete courses in academic integrity in order to continue their studies at the school, reports the university’s Gazette. The school-wide pilot is being developed by MUN’s Libraries in collaboration with the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies. “In the past, we have found that academic integrity had been mentioned many times in the classroom, but a lot of students don’t really know what it means,” said MUN Associate Registrar Echo Pittman, “as a university, it is important for us to tell students what we mean by academic integrity and explain there is a responsibility and an expectation associated with it.” The interactive online courses will become mandatory for all full-time, first-year undergraduate students starting in the fall of 2016, and students will need to pass the courses with a grade above 80% to continue their studies. MUN Gazette