MUN opens new 500-bed Macpherson College residence

October 14, 2014

Memorial University has officially opened its new 500-bed residence building, named Macpherson College. The building and its 2 wings—Cluett and Shiwak Halls—are named in honour of 3 WWI veterans. The residence consists of 2-bedroom suites that each have a washroom; study, storage, and kitchen space on each floor; laundry and lounge areas in each wing; and multiple security features. There are also private barrier-free suites available. Residence Life staff and academic supports are also available in the residence. The Newfoundland and Labrador government contributed $65 million to the project. “Every aspect of Macpherson College is designed to foster an environment suitable for learning,” said one student living in the new residence. MUN recently completed a new 200-room residence at its Grenfell Campus. MUN News | CBC