MUN student resigns from board of regents, citing bullying

November 21, 2016

A student representative on Memorial University’s board of regents has resigned, citing bullying by other board members as a prime reason. “I was constantly being made to feel like my comments were lies, that I was being fed misinformation from the union,” says Brittany Lennox, who submitted her resignation last week. Lennox says that she would like to give specific examples of the bullying she experienced, but cannot due to a confidentiality agreement. In a statement on MUN's website, board of regents chairwoman Iris Petten expressed surprise at Lennox's resignation, stating that she was unaware of any conflict between Lennox and other boards members. “It is disappointing that this sensitive matter has now been made public on the MUNSU website before we had an opportunity to explore her concerns,” Petten added. “The students, elected alumni, community leaders and administration officials who serve on our board will be examining the concerns that have been raised and will determine the appropriate course of action.” MUNSU | MUN | Telegram