MUN student union member resigns, trades accusations with other member

September 6, 2017

A member of Memorial University’s student union executive has resigned after an allegedly months-long conflict with another member of the group. The union’s director of campaigns Ladan Mowlid cited “ongoing harassment and physical intimidation” from the union's director of advocacy, Matthew Barter, as her reason for departing. Barter, however, tells CBC that he was the target of “harassment and ableism” from Mowild over the past four months.” In a Facebook post, Mowlid said that other members of the union's executive told her Barter’s behaviour can be attributed to his disability. “I understand that certain characteristics can be attributed to specific types of disabilities,” she wrote. “However, these mitigating circumstances should not enable or allow one to oppress and harass another individual nor should it excuse them from being held accountable.” CBC