MUN tuition hike, new NL funding creates uncertainty among students, critics

July 14, 2021
Following a recent increase to its tuition, some critics feel that Memorial University will face a drop in applications. International students told CBC that the tuition hike may make students look for educational opportunities in larger, more diverse centres with lower costs of living. The Government of Newfoundland recently announced new grant and loan changes to support those entering PSE in the province, which will start in August 2022. "[The tuition increase]’s going to have a significant impact,” said NDP MHA Jim Dinn, who described the provincial funding announcement as “the arsonist trying to claim credit for putting out the fire he started.” CFS Newfoundland and Labrador Chair Kat McLaughlin said that students are “enraged” over the hike, adding that she felt that the situation “isn’t solely reflective on the university.” CBC (1) | CBC (2) | VOCM | NL (NL)