NAIT partners with uAlberta on security services

August 21, 2014

The University of Alberta and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology have entered into a partnership that will see NAIT protective services managed by uAlberta’s Protective Services (UAPS). “It’s just to bring them up to the standards and the policy and the procedures that UAPS has,” said Grace Berry, Acting Director of UAPS. Berry said that part of UAPS's role will be to expand the roles that education and awareness play in policing. “It’s really about providing a service to the community, rather than just being law enforcement,” she said. While the 2 services will remain separate from one another, they may collaborate on major incidents. NAIT says that the partnership was necessitated by the institution’s rapid growth. “There is going to be this period of campus expansion and the U of A has that experience managing a large institution,” said NAIT spokesperson Frank Landry. Metro News