Navigating postsecondary toward a more inclusive environment: Oriola

February 11, 2021
In the face of events such as the Black Lives Matter movement, postsecondary institutions have been called on to do more to promote a more inclusive society. University of Alberta Associate Professor and joint editor-in-chief of African Security Temitope Oriola writes about how institutions can respond to the growing call for action on equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization. In particular, Oriola outlines key considerations for faculty hiring and retention, the creation of research chairs and other awards, the selection of senior administration, the collection of race-based data, and the creation of EDI policies that are more than honorary. “The ship of each university needs to be navigated towards a more inclusive environment,” concludes Oriola, “where each individual can thrive to the full extent of their abilities and hard work.” Ideas-Idees (National)