NB considers cutting, freezing PSE operating grants

January 11, 2016

The New Brunswick Student Alliance has expressed concern about the way NB is allegedly “changing its tune” about potential cuts to PSE in the province. A statement from the group cites a recent release in which NB claims it will consider reducing or freezing university operating grants to save between $15 M and $45 M per year. Previous government communications had mentioned the development of a performance-based funding model as another way NB might save these funds. “All year long, students in this province have felt as though government has been pushing their interests aside,“ said NBSA Executive Director Lindsay Handren. “This new revelation only serves to reinforce that sentiment.” The NB release states that the government must consider such cuts and freezes to “prevent New Brunswick from reaching a crisis situation where it can no longer afford to fund critical services like health care and education.” NB | NBSA