NBSA video features professionals, students highlighting importance of PSE investment

March 16, 2012

The New Brunswick Student Alliance has produced a video in which students and professionals state why it is important for the provincial government to invest in higher education. The video's cast, which includes a pair of former provincial cabinet ministers and UNB president Eddy Campbell, points to a skilled labour shortage, crumbling campus infrastructure, and the importance of students' contribution to research and innovation. Investing in PSE, says one student, would improve New Brunswick's image and attract knowledge from outside provincial borders. Campbell speaks to the benefits one reaps from PSE, such as better employability, higher wages, and higher job satisfaction. Pointing to New Brunswick's below-average PSE attainment rate and high tuition fees, the video ends with NBSA's president stating that an investment in PSE is what's best for the province. NBSA News Release | Video