NDP leadership candidate unveils youth opportunities strategy

December 16, 2011

On Thursday, NDP leadership candidate Paul Dewar released a $1.3-billion strategy to provide youth with more education, work, and volunteer opportunities. Under the proposed "Your Canada Year" program, 17- to 25-year-old Canadians will be eligible to volunteer in Canada or abroad. In exchange they will receive up to $1,500 a month to help cover expenses during their services and a grant of up to $6,000 for one year of PSE or training afterwards. Dewar's Youth Opportunities strategy includes reducing student-loan interest to prime rate, trimming tuition fees for PSE and training by an average of $700 a year per student, and increasing federal grants for PSE and training by $200 million annually, targeting low-income students, students with disabilities, and Aboriginal students. Paul Dewar News | Canadian Press