ON needs Francophone universities rather than bilingual ones where students must “pass”: Opinion

December 6, 2021
Joel Belliveau, Professor Emeritus at Laurentian University, writes that French-language universities that are located in minority settings provide a “litmus test” for Canadian diversity. Belliveau reflects on his own experience studying and living in a French setting at the Université de Moncton, and notes that, in Ontario, French-speaking students at bilingual universities are not experiencing this “affirmative culture shock.” Belliveau says that Franco-Ontarian students need institutions where they can live and learn in French without having to blend in. “[W]e require more institutions of higher learning where Franco-Ontarians of all origins can learn while getting to know and value each other and other francophone cultures,” writes Belliveau. “Ontario needs to adopt the norm of education ‘by and for’ the official minority language community at the postsecondary level.” University Affairs (Editorial)