New app helps researchers stay on top of recent findings

August 21, 2014

ScienceScape, a new platform developed by University of Toronto biomedical physics student Sam Molyneux and his sister Amy Molyneux, a web developer and technical project manager, will help researchers keep better track of developments in their field. ScienceScape, Amy says, is “like a Twitter for science.” The platform organizes thousands of newly published biomedical research articles according to various criteria, allowing users to quickly determine what research findings are most important to their own work. Researchers can also use the platform to share papers with collaborators. The project emerged when Sam, who was working on bone cancer research, found that there was little awareness in his field of new publications. The software, Amy says, is based on algorithms that “teach themselves to read papers the same way scientists read them.” The siblings plan to continue to improve ScienceScape with their team of data scientists, and believe that that it will in time be useful in other research fields, as well. uToronto News