New book argues Ontario's baccalaureate model is unsustainable

November 30, 2009

Academic Transformation: The Forces Reshaping Higher Education in Ontario, a new book released yesterday, argues that Ontario's model for providing undergraduate education is no longer viable. Increased expectation for institutions to produce knowledge that will enhance Canada's economic well-being, and pressure to increase accessibility to undergraduate-level education has made it impossible for Ontario to maintain a model of education in which students should be taught only by faculty who are actively engaged in original research, the book argues. The authors find that the high costs associated with the research-university model has resulted in chronic financial strain. Recommendations listed in the book include creating a new sector of baccalaureate institutions that focus on teaching, encouraging universities to create or maintain a high-quality 3-year undergraduate degree, and promoting balance and differentiation in the college sector. HEQCO News Release | Globe and Mail