New Canadore video showcases college's approach to preparing students for tomorrow's jobs

February 1, 2013

"The way we teach our youth has to change for the new global reality," states a new video produced by Canadore College, which begins with a note about skilled worker shortages being expected to skyrocket. Describing itself as "not your traditional college," Canadore highlights in the video how it is part of the solution. "We are challenging the way things used to be done. We aren't just training graduates, we are training the workforce of tomorrow, so their skills need to match the jobs available," says Canadore president George Burton. "This video showcases some of the expertise we have within our walls. It is a testament to the high calibre of talent we have under our own roof." Created by Canadore's marketing department in conjunction with a Television Video Production professor and his students, the video will be featured to a global audience. Canadore News Release