New England’s small colleges face difficult times ahead

October 4, 2013

According to Jay A. Halfond, former Dean of Boston University's Metropolitan College, “New England's rich mosaic of over 150 colleges and universities is potentially at risk.” Although the region of New England is somewhat of an academic mecca including some of the world’s most distinguished PSE institutions, the smaller colleges will face a wealth of adversity in the coming years. As Halfond puts it, “Current models for how schools price themselves and deliver their education are simply unsustainable and in serious need of repair.” Halfond issued a stress test to presidents of smaller colleges in New England, and found that although the majority feel that their own institution has the necessary talent, agility, and quality to confront the challenges of the future, the majority also believed that many local peer institutions would be closed within 5 years. Halfond notes that academic institutions “will need to inspire their people to build new educational and financial models,” and will need to collaborate with each other, and with communities, to succeed. Huffington Post