New legislation, software to support victims and combat instances of sexual assault

April 17, 2015

Virginia is on the verge of being the first US state to mandate adding sexual assault sanctions to student transcripts, and California and Maryland are not far behind. All 3 states recently introduced legislation on the issue and amendments in VA were to be voted on this week. Some critics worry that adding such information to a transcript could amount to a “scarlet letter” for some students, but proponents point to statistics suggesting repeat offenders are behind many campus sexual attacks. Some individual institutions across the US currently have some form of notation for non-academic misconduct, but there are no federal regulations governing what is noted and how. Another initiative in the US that is designed to support victims and aid in the reporting of sexual assaults is under development. Callisto is an online system for recording and reporting sexual violence that will help victims find the appropriate resources to report an incident. The Chronicle of Higher Education | Huffington Post