New logo and visual identity at BrandonU

October 23, 2014

Brandon University has released details of its new logo and visual identity. The new logo is a derivation of BrandonU’s ceremonial coat of arms, with simplified elements and text that suggest a more modern identity. The logo consists of 2 books to represent the acquisition and distribution of knowledge, wheat to signify local agriculture, a lantern to symbolize wisdom and intellect, and a chevron to symbolize hope, support, and opportunity. The overall visual identity has been designed to “convey a sense of welcoming and innovation.” President Gervan Fearon said, “the new logo speaks to Brandon University’s focus on being a leading, innovative and engaged University. The logo was developed out of extensive consultation across the University community and we are pleased with the feedback. We are confident that our alumni and members of the BU community will find it inspiring.” The new visual identity will be rolled out over the course of the academic year. BrandonU News Release | BrandonU Visual Standards Guide