New micro-scholarship site helps institutions shape potential students

November 8, 2013

A new US online service is offering high school students “micro-scholarships” from participating institutions for completing specific tasks, in the hopes that it will shape users into the types of students institutions would like to have enrolled. Raise, currently in the beta stage, allows students to “follow” any combination of the 20 institutions signed up so far. Each institution chooses which actions it wants to encourage, and how much money to assign to each one. For example, a student could earn a couple of hundred dollars playing a leading role in a school play or earning a B or better in a mathematics class. If a student enrols at one of the institutions from which she earned money, she will receive that money when she starts school. “These are all actions that encourage students' personal development and make them a more competitive applicant for any college," says Raise Co-founder Preston R. Silverman. While the program will eventually be open to all students, Raise is especially interested in helping those from low-income families. Chronicle of Higher Education