New Order of Canada appointments include faculty, senior admin, researchers

January 9, 2019

The Governor General of Canada has announced 103 appointments to the Order of Canada that include numerous members of the Canadian post-secondary community. The appointments include Leroy Little Bear, founder of the University of Lethbridge’s Department of Native American Studies; Shirley Cheechoo, the chancellor of Brock University; former University of Calgary chancellor Joanne Cuthbertson; University of Toronto faculty members James Arthur, Geoffrey Hinton, Mary L’Abbé, Levente Diosady, Pekka Sinervo, Arthur Slutsky, and Alexandra F Johnston; Queen’s University professor Heather Stuart; Simon Fraser University President Andrew Petter; and several others. The Government of Canada states that the Order honours people “whose service shapes our society; whose innovations ignite our imaginations; and whose compassion unites our communities.”

Newswire | Fort MacLeod Gazette (Little Bear) | St Catherines Standard (Cheechoo) | U of T | The Whig (Queen’s) | SFU (Petter)