New QC bill threatens freedom of speech on campuses and beyond, writes National Post

December 8, 2015

“Freedom of speech is already in grave peril on university campuses,” writes the National Post, adding that there is little reason to expect that it will improve any time soon. The piece reflects on Quebec’s Bill 59, which would give the Quebec Human Rights Commission new powers to combat any form of expression that promotes “fear of the other.” The bill will reportedly allow the QHRC to take legal action against any public expression of speech deemed to fit under its definition of hate speech, regardless of whether there has been a public complaint. The article goes on to note that the new President of the University of Ottawa, Jacques Frémont, has been the driving force behind the bill as the President of the QHRC. The article quotes Frémont announcing his intention to use the bill against “people who would write against … the Islamic religion … on a website or on a Facebook page,” concluding that the passing of such a bill is evidence of an increasing crackdown of freedom of speech throughout Canada and on its campuses. National Post